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Indonesia’s Rare Animals Protected

Indonesia’s Rare Animals Protected – In this world there are many animals that we can meet and most of them we can recognize. Indonesia is known worldwide as a country rich in flora and fauna diversity. Apart from the exoticism of Indonesia, there are many cases of forest conversion that cause various flora and fauna to become extinct. There are more and more rare animals in Indonesia because their habitats have been displaced by humans.

Rare Animals in Indonesia

What types of endangered animals are protected by law? Check out the explanation below:

1. Sumatran Tiger
When compared to other tiger species, the Sumatran tiger tends to have a relatively small body. As a rare animal in Indonesia, it has a protected status because its population is only about 400 individuals. Despite its legal protected status, its population continues to decline due to poaching.

2. Javan Rhino
The Javan rhinoceros is one of the critically endangered species in Indonesia. The rate of extinction of this one animal is quite high, so it must be protected by law. Various threats to the Javan rhino population, such as habitat destruction due to illegal logging, land clearing, and hunting for rhino horn.

3. Orangutans
There are three types of orangutan species in Indonesia, namely the Tapanuli orangutan, the Sumatran orangutan, and the Kalimantan orangutan. The three species are in critical status because their habitat is getting narrower from year to year.

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4. Bird of paradise
Birds of paradise have a very charming appearance. Therefore, this bird got the nickname as the bird of paradise. Its very attractive fur is often the object of crime by irresponsible people.

Therefore, there are 30 species of birds of paradise that are legally protected. That is why species of birds of paradise should not be hunted, traded, or killed.

5. Komodo
Komodo is one of the ancient reptiles with rare status. This animal is threatened with extinction due to poaching, so the status is protected by law. This reptile can only be found in Komodo National Park.
Those are five rare animals in Indonesia that are protected by law. Laws on animal protection must be enforced so that in the future illegal hunting and land grabbing can be dealt with firmly by law enforcement officials. That way, protected animals can continue to breed properly.…

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